Xiaomi Hybrid Earphones: You Really Need This for your Subway Trips

If you are a music lover, you surely can’t live without your headphones. The problem is, to get a decent sound you need to pay big bucks. For example, Audio-Technica has a pair that are amazing but cost almost $250. If you can afford it, perfect, you won’t regret it. But if you’re looking for something more portable, that you can carry around with you on the subway trip back home, look no further: Xiaomi professional Store Hybrid Dual Mi Hybrid Earphone In-Ear Headphones are your best choice.

Unlike many ugly, cheap-looking headphones, these have a smooth, aluminum finish that looks amazing. And don’t worry about them being heavy, since there are pretty lightweight, only 0.21 ounces, and have angled, soft ear tips which isolate plenty of noise around you.

Treble and mid/bass are delivered by using separate drivers, and this really improves the quality of the sound you end up hearing and is perfect for electronic, hip-hop and similar genres.

The fabric coated cable avoids tangles and is less prone to get caught on things. It seems days of highly marked-up, overpriced, “name brand” headphones may be behind us, as with a lot of electronics. The fact of the matter is the same Chinese companies are making both the ‘knock-offs’ and the ‘real thing,’ and if there is no difference in quality, why pay ten times more?