The Walabot DIY Review – Amazing Stud Finder For 2019

Imagine having Superman in your Android phone. No, it won’t be able to make you leap tall buildings in a single bound, but it will allow you to see inside concrete and drywall to find out if there is danger lurking. We’re talking about the Walabot DIY (some people like to call it the Wallabot).

What is a Walabot?

what is a walabotIt’s a small stud finder produced by wire imaging that allows you to save time money and prevent disasters like hitting a water pipe or cutting into an electrical wire inside a home.

The Walabot is the almost the same size as an average smartphone and easily attaches to it by a gel pad magnet that is supplied in the box and placed on the back of your Android compatible phone. Sorry iPhone users, there is no iOS app version yet.

How does the Walabot work?

The device can see four inches deep behind drywall or concrete. It can detect normal things which you would expect behind a wall, like studs wiring and pipes, and get this; the device can also help you see movement from little unwanted guests like rodents if they happen to be visiting!

You don’t have to rely on a device that makes a beeping noise when it senses an object. With the Walabot, you can actually see what’s behind the wall. It’ll let you know if it’s a wooden or metal stud, and if there is movement behind the wall the wall, Walabot will detect it.

Say you want to hang a TV or large picture and you need to drill a hole in the wall. The Walabot is a must. You don’t need to call a professional, which will save you a ton of money.

walabot features

How to use a Walabot

This device is straightforward to use. Set to pan mode to find out the distance between the studs and get a panoramic view of a full wall line. Then you can switch to image mode to see a visual image, which is actually in the wall. If you set on the expert mode, you can get a little closer look at the stud. This is because expert mode offers better location in more detail. You can see things like curves in the pipes and wires, as well as the intersection between two objects. It can also detect the movement of objects.

By using a Walabot, you can check the wall, so you don’t hit a pipe stud or electrical wire. When it’s time to drill, hold the drill firmly and perpendicular to the ground; pull the trigger, and keep the drill squarely on the target. It’s that simple.
The Walabot should be in any toolbox. For general contractors, electricians, plumbers, handymen, or even a beginning DIYer. It comes with a case to make sure it is protected. It fits comfortably in a toolbox and comes with an elastic strap to secure the Walabot and mesh pockets for cables and other accessories.

Where to buy a Walabot

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