The Power Air Fryer XL Review – As seen on TV: Cook a whole chicken with no oil needed!

Power Air Fryer XLThe Power Air Fryer XL is a kitchen gadget that uses turbo cyclonic to cook your food air instead of oil. This turbo cyclonic air is similar to a whirlwind of superheated air like the one used in a convection oven. This kind of cooking results in fewer calories and healthier meals. You’ve probably seen this gadget announced on TV.

The Power Air Fryer XL features six different cooking methods: this air fryer can fry, bake, steam, saute, grill, and roast. It reaches the temperature of 400 degrees in a matter of seconds, uses little to no oil, has one-touch easy cooking, and it is dishwasher safe.

How to use the Power Air Fryer XL

To use the air fryer, you first load the basket with food, select the appropriate setting, and enjoy your prepared meal. It is a relatively simple appliance with a display that lights up and is composed of a removable outer basket as well as a fry basket. The air fryer also comes with a food separator insert in case you want to cook two different types of dishes, and of course, you can insert and remove this separator whenever you want to.

The fry basket assembly can be removed by merely pulling on the handle, and after that, you press the red release button to release the fry basket from the outer bucket. One thing to consider is that this fry basket is the only part of this air fryer can be safely put in the dishwasher. Any other parts of this air fryer, for example, the outer basket, will have to be hand washed separately.

On the back of this air fryer you will find the air outlet vent, which releases the hot steam during cooking, and this is definitely something you should be aware of since it releases vapor that can get quite hot. The instructions recommend that this vent is not obstructed by walls or other appliances and always kept open.

power air xl fryer displayThe display menu is also pretty straightforward. It has four main option buttons: the power button located in the center; the preset button, directly below it; the temperature control button to the right and the time control button to the left.

To keep things simple, the air fryer comes with seven pre-set cooking settings which you can list through by pressing the preset button. These presets are shrimp, chops, fries, baked goods, steak, fish, and chicken, Although these preset choices come with pre-programmed time and temperature settings, you can also adjust them manually depending on your dish. The maximum temperature this air fryer reaches is 400 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with an automatic shut-off timer.

With this air fryer, you also get a small recipe booklet which features 27 different recipes, as well as the instructions manual.

When you’re halfway through your dish’s cooking time, you will need to pull out the outer and fry basket assembly and turn or shake up the dish to ensure that everything cooks evenly. A very convenient feature on this air fryer if you remove the outer basket to check the doneness of your food during your cooking process it won’t interrupt the timer and temperature you preset. As soon as you insert the basket back in, the timer will pick up exactly where you left off at the correct temperature to finish preparing your meal.

Cleaning up

power air xl fryer cleanupAs for the cleanup of this air fryer, it is relatively painless. You’ll never spend more than a couple minutes washing the fry basket and the outer basket. As noted previously, only the fry basket is actually dishwasher safe. You will need to wash everything else by hand; however, given how easy it is to clean those outer baskets and fry baskets you probably won’t even want to wait for a whole dishwashing cycle to wash them.


  • The Power Air Fryer XL does heat up very quickly. The instructions say that if you want a well-heated air fryer, you just need to turn it on for three minutes.
  • Very simple to use. Its menu is easy to understand and to navigate.
  • Cleanup of the fry basket and the outer assembly is effortless.


  • The size of this 3.4-quart air fryer can be too small for many meals. At most you could maybe fit three pieces of steak or fish filet at a time.
  • You could not fit a standard nine-inch pie pan inside of this air fryer so you will need to get your creativity going  if you want to do some baking
  • Does not go above 400º F. Which is quite a high temperature setting but it’s not quite as high as your standard oven can go.

Where can I buy a Power Air Fryer XL?

Amazon! Just click here and get ready to enjoy delicious and healthy meals.