The Egglettes Review – Do Eggletts Work As Seen On TV?

As seen on TV, peeling hard-boiled eggs can be such a hassle. It seems to take forever, and you end up making such a mess. Now you can make hard-boiled eggs the fast and easy way with the eggletts egg cooker,  the new silicone sensation that lets you cook delicious omelets and hard-boiled eggs without the shell. Just crack open the egg into the egglet’s pod, twist on the top, and boil on your stovetop. Pop them out of the pod and enjoy perfect hard-boiled eggs. No hassle; no mess. And don’t worry about the spelling, although the correct name is Egglettes, many people call them egglets, or eggletts.

The egglettes are made of food-safe,  BPA-free silicone, and should be only used in boiling water. Putting them in the microwave is not their intended use.

how to use the eggletts
How to use the eggletts

How does the egglet work?

The secret is the thermodynamic nonstick silicone material that allows the egg to cook just like it would inside the shell. No more broken egg whites and no peeling nails. That’s appealing!

Make delicious deviled eggs, tasty egg salad, make a mouth-watering chef’s salad without ever peeling an egg. Crack, boil and pop with egglets for perfect hard-boiled eggs every time.

How to use the egglettes

Simply follow these instructions. Although the interior is non-stick, for best results it is recommended to roll oil around to coat inside the cup, shaking out any excess oil. Extra virgin olive or coconut oil could be some suggestions. You can also use a cooking spray to spray the interior with two or three quick bursts.

Then, fill each egglett with an egg or egg recipe and twist the cap on tightly. Put the egglettes in a pan or pot with 3 or 4 inches of water, which has previously reached a rolling boil point. Cook for the proper time, remove the cap and shake gently to loosen the egg onto your place. Enjoy your meal!

cooking with the eggletts
Cooking with the eggletts

Average cooking times

Your cooking time will vary depending on the type of stove you are using. For example, a gas stove will cook faster than an electric one. Just remember to keep the water at a stable rolling boil for optimal results.

The larger the egg, the longer the time you should cook it.

Egglet Cooking times


Cooking Time

soft boiled

8 -10 minutes

medium boiled

11 – 13 minutes

hard boiled

8 – 10 minutes

Omelet (white and yolk)

13 – 15 minutes

Omelet (egg substitute)

13 – 15 minutes

Omelet (egg white only)

12 – 14 minutes

Do egglettes work?

They sure do! Watch this video from a satisfied customer that put them to the test. 15 minutes after, she was enjoying hard boiled eggs without the peel.

Are the egglettes just for hard-boiled eggs?

No, the Egglete is great for soft-boiled eggs too. Add cheese, onions, mushrooms, peppers, and all your favorite vegetables for a delicious omelet. Make an egg white omelet, or use egg substitutes for healthy cholesterol-free food. Have an omelet a different way every day or add scrambled eggs to egglets for a fun-filled breakfast the little ones will love. Make egglettes in advance and store in the fridge; ideal for breakfast on the go or a power-packed snack.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe, egglets won’t waste your time picking and peeling hard-boiled shells. Just crack, boil, and pop with egglets for perfect hard-boiled eggs without the hassle.

Where to buy the Egglettes?

You can buy a set of four egglettes egg cookers at Amazon. If you’re a prime member, you’ll receive free two-day shipping so you can get your cooking started as soon as possible.