The Ecoegg Reviews 2019 – A Laundry Egg System

What is an ecoegg?

the ecoegg laundry eggThe ecoegg is a new laundry solution that completely replaces washing detergent. Shaped like an egg and made from durable, soft rubber, it contains no harsh chemicals and is great for delicate skin, great for the environment, and will save you lots of money. The ecoegg can last for up to 720 washes. That is almost three years of washing for the average family!

The eco egg has been scientifically tested and proven to outperform its closest competitor brands for stain removal, and you don’t need anything else; no powder, no liquid, just the laundry egg. You simply place it into the drum of your machine on top of your laundry and run your cycle as usual. It’s so simple to use, and it works in all types of washing machines, both top, and front loaders alike.

The ecoegg is safe on all fabrics, and you can use it on all temperatures up to and including 140ºF. You can also use it for hand-washing if you let it soak in the water for about five minutes before popping your clothes in. It is suitable for white and colored clothes and safe on all fabrics, even delicates.


How does the ecoegg work?

inside the ecoeggWell, it’s not the egg itself that does the cleaning; it’s the pellets. There are two types of natural mineral pellets inside the egg that work together to give you that powerful cleaning result. Before you use the eco egg, you need to fill it up with the pellets that come with it. There are two types of pellets: dark and white. The dark ones are made of tourmaline ceramic, which makes the forces between dirt and fabric weak and easily separated.

The white ones are made from minerals that naturally ionize the oxygen in the water so it can penetrate the fabric, carrying away the dirt without damaging the fibers or fading the colors. As the water gets ionized, the ph in it increases, causing a softening effect. This means that you can skip the fabric softener or conditioner and your clothes will come out soft and smooth.

Is the ecoegg better than liquid or powdered detergent?

It’s powerful and effective, but it’s also great for delicate skin too. The eco egg is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, so rest assured it’s gentle on your skin. Unlike the average detergent, the ecoegg doesn’t contain petrochemicals, bleaches, limonene, linalool, optimizers or ammonia.

When you use regular liquid or powder detergents, there are chemical residues that get trapped in the fibers of your clothing during the wash cycle. The eco egg contains no harsh chemicals, so it leaves significantly less residue on your clothes. That also means fewer chemicals going down the drain and onto your skin too.

If you are particularly sensitive to fragrance, we recommend using the fragrance-free laundry egg for a completely unscented wash.


How often does the ecoegg need to be refilled?

The dark pellets will last for at least 720 washing cycles. So, the ones you need to keep an eye on are the white ones. Their duration will depend on the length of the cycles used, the hardness of the water, and the temperature used. When you notice the pellet level drop below halfway, it’s time to top it up.

Where can I buy an ecoegg?

Just click the link below to check out the eco egg Amazon listing. It is available in a fragrance-free variation. But if you’d like a soft, delicious fragrance added to your washing, pick one of the three scents available: Fresh Lavander, Fresh Linen, or Spring Blossom.