The Best Running Watches Reviews: You Really Need This Before Your Next Running Session

Track your running progress with these GPS-enabled watches from Garmin and other manufacturers. Available for men and women!

All-day fitness tracking

Recommended: Garmin Forerunner 15

An upgrade on the popular entry-level Forerunner 10. The Forerunner 15 offers all of the same features, giving pace, calories, time and distance. However, it has a better battery life (eight hours). It also monitors your daily step count and activity levels, reminding you to move if you have been still for too long — a great tool for improving your overall fitness.

For a fast GPS fix

Recommended: TomTom Runner 2

TomTom has recently updated its popular range of running GPS sports watches. The Runner 2 is the lowest priced and features an updated design. It also is a multi-sport watch and has run, bike, swim and treadmill modes. It captures your steps 24/7, as well as your activity levels, so it is a good choice for all-around fitness. The range also includes the Runner 2 Cardio, with the built-in heart-rate monitor; the Runner 2 Music which has space to store 500 songs; and the Runner 2 Cardio + Music offering all the best of all the watches.

Sleek design

Recommended: Polar M400

This is another watch that is perfect for all-around fitness tracking, as it monitors your calories burned steps and activity throughout the day. It has a modern, sleek design, making it stand out from other watches on the market. You can set targets to help you improve, and there is a handy Back to Start navigation option to get you home. There is the option to buy a Heart Rate Monitor with the watch, which would give more accurate calorie burn results.

Incredible battery life

Recommended: Epson RunSense SF-810

This watch has dropped in price a lot recently, as its wrist-based heart rate technology, which was innovative at the time of release, has been more widely adopted. It has a fantastic battery life of over 20 hours, which is well above average. It can be set up for interval training and as an indoor mode for treadmill use.

Cutting-edge technology

 Recommended: Garmin Forerunner 235

 Launched at the end of 2015, this is one of the newest watches from Garmin (the lower-priced 230 is also available, without the wrist-based heart rate monitoring). It tracks your runs perfectly, as you would expect from a Garmin, and syncs with the newly redesigned Garmin Connect to view your detailed stats. It has an accelerometer so that you can use it indoors without the need for a separate foot pod. It tracks your activity levels and steps throughout the day, reminding you if you have been sat down for an hour. You can also download training plans directly to the watch to follow.