The Best Christmas Candles: Get ready for the 2018 Holidays

best christmas candlesNot thinking about candles at Christmas is almost impossible. In one way or another, they appear in our house and light up our family moments. But have you ever wondered why we light candles at Christmas?

Christmas takes place at the winter solstice, being a time of the year when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. For this same reason, it is also recognized as The Feast of Light, since in the past houses were filled with light to combat the darkness of the longest nights. Without electricity, you could only count on candles.

In fact, the word candle comes from the Latin vigil meaning vigilare, that is, watch. All the activities that are done at night, when the darkness lurks, are called vigils and in them, the candles are the main protagonists.

Candle colors and their meanings

  • White candles – The color white represents purity and energy. Tends to provide peace and quiet. The white candle affects all aspects that are considered lunar and is used for numerous magic rituals. Mainly it will help us to clean up all the bad things that surround us and will provide us with protection against possible setbacks that we may encounter. It will also strengthen our family ties.
  • Yellow candles – Yellow is related to wisdom, power, perfection, and joy. Lighting a candle of this color will give us the strength to keep going and to face the challenges that come our way. It makes your attitude to life positive, forgetting all the negative. In the same way, it tends to attract money and material goods.
  • Orange candles–  The orange candles represent the sun, a symbol of strength. They are used mostly when we are low in spirits and going through any difficult moments. With them, we demand peace and tranquility in the face of a situation that overwhelms us. They will help us to see life from a different perspective while making communication with loved ones around us easier.
  • Pink candles – This color will affect the emotions of the person making tenderness, romanticism and the noblest feelings surface in them. It will favor reconciliation and closer friendship ties. They are used so that family relationship is strengthened and love reigns among all its members. Also many times they are lit to help us improve health.
  • Red candles – The color red represents power, vitality, and ambition. For this reason, these candles are used to give value to a person who has to face some danger or a complicated situation in their life. They give us the energy to fight every day. They can also help us if we have been victims of an evil eye.
  • Purple candles – With this candle, you can overcome all your fears and obsessions. The color lilac is related to spirituality and sacrifice. It will help you achieve something very desired, especially in the field of studies and work.
  • Blue candles – The blue gives us tranquility, protection, and peace. With this candle, we will be calmer before any tense situation. It will attract serenity after a fight or argument It promotes stable relationships, fidelity, and hope.
  • Green candles – The color green enhances intelligence, communication, and hope. It connects our reality with the world around us. With it, you get to get the supreme knowledge that will be what makes our lives full of successes. They also help us to combat the stress of daily life as they help us to relax providing us with security and stability.
  • Brown candles – Brown candles are used to attract stability and maturity. It facilitates us to see the path that must be followed from the spiritual point. They make us sense the problems and help us solve them through the inner world that makes us face our own fears. That is why the person who decides to use this candle has great psychological strength.
  • Black candles – Although black is often identified with negative aspects, we should not reject black candles; on the contrary, they serve to destroy negative energies from the surrounding environment. It will help you to make your way in the dark. It allows us to control situations that shake our lives and makes us stronger in the face of adversity.

The Best Christmas Candles for 2018 – 2019

Village Candle Balsam Fir

Village Candle Balsam FirThis candle has a mix of evergreen woodlands and the dazzling greenery of balsam with notes of citrusy bergamot, creating an aromatic fragrance that will be perfect for the Holiday season.

Unlike some candles that use chemicals and artificial ingredients, these are made with high-quality paraffin wax that is food-grade and provides a safe and clean burn. There are not one, but two wicks in each candle, which makes the fragrance stronger. This fragrance is created with premium essential oils, made with meticulous care and craftsmanship.

This review is for the large 26oz candle, but you can also get it in a medium 16 oz and small 11 oz sizes.

Flickering Flameless LED Candles


Walking in the house to flickering candles after working all day is a great feeling! This set of LED Christmas candles includes six candles in the following sizes: Two 4″, two 5″, two 6″, a 7″, an 8″ and a 9″. Each one is powered by a couple of AA batteries, and a fully charged battery will make the candle light up for up to 150 hours.

The candle provides a realistic flickering flame and can be operated with the remote control that is included. With it, you can turn the lights on or of, set them to flicker like candles or stay lit, dim or increase the light, and set a timer from 2 to 8 hours to have them automatically turn off.

They have a kind of waxy touch. If you hold without checking the bottom or top, you could think they are real wax candles.

Led Window Candles with Remote

If you want a set of Christmas candles you can use around the house, these are the best. Each one comes with a spike, a clip, and a suction cup. Need to plate the candles in your yard? Use the spikes and plug them into the grass. Want to hang them on the Christmas tree? Use the clips and attach them to trees, potted plants, or anywhere you need. Would you rather use them on walls, windows, or a table? That’s what the suction cups are for! Put them together on the table to create an awesome centerpiece.

Each candle is powered by a single AA battery, which will provide enough power to stay lit for over 240 hours. The bulbs give a realistic flickering effect without any messy wax drippings.

Included with the Christmas Candle set is a remote control to turn them on or off, control the brightness, and make them flicker faster or slower

Reindeer Tealight Candle Holders 

set of reindeer tea light candle holdersThese adorable candle holders are made with an iron body and given a rustic bronze finish. Each reindeer can hold a tea light, be it a real candle, or an LED one, and measure 4-3/4″W x 1-7/8″D x 5″H.

 They make a great accent to a festively set dinner table, well made and worth their price. The reindeer are heavy for their size and do not tip over easily. They are sturdy and not lopsided or crooked and will look great on a table or mantle.

 Christmas Tree Candle with 14 charms

Christmas Tree CandleThis cute Christmas candle will burn for up to 80 hours, and has no chemicals in it. Made from 100% beeswax and a cotton wick, the festive Christmas tree mold is adorned with 14 charms, creating a design that is both innovative and rustic.

The candle has no scent so you don’t have to worry about any weird perfume aroma, and is about 10″ tall. It seld- extinguishes when the flame reaches the clip, and all you have to do is pull more “tree” trough it. Every three inches of candle wax will burn approximately one hour.

Set of 3 Sparkle Christmas Tree Holiday Candles

Christmas Tree Holiday CandlesShow off your festive spirit this Holiday season and get yourself a set of three gorgeous tree shaped candles. Each one is individually wrapped and has a nice bow, making them a perfect gift.

The candles are 8.5 inches high and have lead-free wicks. You receive three colors: silver, green, and red, with glitter that makes them really sparkle and stand out. They are beautiful, solid, very well made candles with a retro-vintage look to them.

Christmas Pine Scented Candle

Christmas Pine Scented CandleLooking for that perfect gift? Look no further. This 10 oz Christmas candle comes in a beautiful glass jar which is decorated with a rhinestone Christmas tree. It even includes a golden pull-out bow.

The candle is made with no phthalates or cheap fillers, and uses high-quality essential oils to provide a delicate fragrance, and will burn up to 100 hours. Instead of paraffin, they use soy, which burns 50% longer.

What makes this candle so popular is that the jar it comes in is cute and useful. Once the candle has burnt out, use the jar for candy, to keep your spare change, or to hold your cosmetic brushes.



The Best Christmas Candles for 2018 - 2019
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The Best Christmas Candles for 2018 - 2019
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