Ready for your workout?: You really need these 5 things

If you are getting ready to get to the gym and want to prevent any injuries, there are tons of accessories you can use to make your workout safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Check out these 5 products that rookies and athletes should get hold of and pack them in their gym bags.

Compression Socks

Runners risk ending up with swollen legs and aching feet, which can lead to more serious conditions like tendonitis. That’s why investing in some high-quality compression socks is important. Physix Gear has some great socks that are lightweight and give you some extra support around the heels and toes, where it is most needed.

Foot Rocker

This rocker has a circular shape, which helps your foot stay in a perfect position for stretching, alternating between your ankles and your arches.

With just completing three 30 second stretches you can relieve your heel pain and discomfort. And it doesn’t matter how big your foot is, since it fits any shoe size.

Stability Wobble Cushion

If you want to get a strong core that can help you alleviate back pain and improve your posture, you need to spend a long time doing crunches at the gym.

Or, you can get the help of a wobble cushion. All you need to do is put it on your chair, sit down and get the same exercise as if you were using a normal stability ball.  And once your shift is over, take it to the gym and keep working out your lower extremities and abdominal muscles.

The disc can also be used as a textured seat cushion for children that have trouble sitting still. The disc allows them to wiggle and move around while staying seated.

Self Massage Tool

After your workut you usuallu end up with sore muscles. THe perfect remedy for this is this S-shaped massager. Its ergonomic shape will reach those hard-to-reach spots and give a nice massage to your neck, shoulders, lower back and deep muscles.

The tool has some knobs that feel like thumbs or elbows, so you can apply some pressure to any particular area that might be bothering you.

Each tool weighs 1.25 lbs and comes with a 12-page instruction manual to help guide your self-massage.

Foam Roller For Muscle Massage

Need to increase your recovery time and mobility? Then you need a foam roller. However, most of the foam rollers out there are just some simple smooth foam tubes that won’t really help. But this one has dual pressure zones, so you can control the pressure, and you really feel like if you were getting a massage.

It is great to take to the gym, since it is lightweight and only 13 inches in length so it can easily fit in your bag.