Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas for 2019: Cheap outside halloween decorations for your porch, yard and windows

halloween outdoor decorationsHalloween is one of the best dates in the calendar. If you’re a child, you get to go around the block asking for candy, and if you’re a grownup, you can dress up and have the time of your life.

To get in the mood, we have reviewed the best Halloween decorations for outside. Some are for your door, others for your porch, windows, or yard, but all of them are full of fun so you can scare your neighbors and enjoy the holidays.

SEASONBLOW 12 Ft Inflatable Halloween Terrible Ghost

Inflatable Halloween decorations are always popular, and this one is a perfect size, measuring 12 feet high once you blow it up. Everything needed to set it up and inflate it is included: the inflatable ghost, the pump to inflate it, a couple of sandbags, seven stakes and tethers.

It features LED lights to light it up for an amazing nighttime viewing, and it’s made of durable and waterproof material. Once you’re done, turn off the pump, and the ghost will quickly deflate for easy storage

Fun Express Bag of Skeleton Bones

Fun Express Bag of Skeleton Bones - 28 Piece Set

Building an outside graveyard decoration? Then grab this set of 28 spooky skeleton bones to spread them around.  They are made of light, hollow plastic and designed to make them look very real. The Halloween bones come in assorted sizes, from 6” to 12.”

Halloween Spider with Skull Head Body Prop and Evil Eyes

Aiduy Outdoor Halloween Decorations Scary Giant Spider

Just in for 2019, this spider’s legs span up to  6.6 Ft and is perfect for decorating your spiderwebs. It has eight furry legs which have a wire inside, so they are quite flexible and make it easier to fold them as needed. This makes it easier for them to grip anything or hang the decoration from the ceiling.

It features some creepy red eyes, and all the body and legs are covered in black fur that looks like hairs, making it pretty realistic looking.

You can use this spider inside your home our outdoors; it holds up great in wind and rain and will last for many seasons.

And here’s an idea: wrap the legs around your porch pole; the spider will stay there without falling off and ready to scare whoever’s near.

LEVIITEC Solar Halloween Decorations String Lights

LEVIITEC Solar Halloween Decorations String Lights

This is a string of 30 adorable ghost lights which you can get in 3 versions: white, blue, or multicolored.

They are powered by a smart solar charger that automatically turns them on when it starts to get dark. One charge will get you up to 8 hours of light.

You can select different lighting mode: a steady on light, or seven different flickering modes. Each string of lights measures 19.7 ft and is waterproof, so you can use them outside with no worries.

Lighted Halloween Ghost Trick-or-teeter

Lighted Halloween Character Decorations, Ghost

If you want an adorable Halloween decoration, look no further. This cute ghost trick-or-treater will stand in your yard and is about 11 inches tall.

It wears a draping costume while he holds a jack-o’-lantern, and has a set of lights inside the head.

Powered by three AAA batteries, it lights up and changes from shades of blue to green and red underneath the covering.

It can be used outdoors but is nor waterproof, so make sure you have it covered by a roof. There is also a cute pumpkin version you can get to make this adorable fellow company!

Crashing Witch Wilma Wipeout

Crashing Witch Wilma Wipeout

Want to give trick or treaters some giggles? Then this hilarious Halloween decoration is what you need.

This crashing witch figure has striped socks, red, shoes, and the typical witch broom and hat.

It is about 3 feet large, so it can be used on most trees or posts, with arms that wrap around and straps to secure her.

Here is an idea: if you’d like to use this decoration on a wall or the side of the house just use a staple gun and attach it. Once the season is over, pull them out and store her for next Halloween.

Animated Light up Talking Eyeball Doorbell for Halloween

Searching for Halloween outdoor decorations, we found this gem and adore it! There is a mounting hole in the back so you can place it wherever you want, and after pushing the button, its illuminated eyeball opens up and starts talking in a spooky voice! All it needs is three AAA batteries.

Put it near your door and use it as a Halloween “doorbell.” The eye is incredibly bright and really shines, with a smooth animation that will be a hit with the kids.

Animated Latex Crawling Human Zombie Torso

So, you want something scary for Halloween? Well, you got it! This tormented ghoul torso is made with realistic-looking foam and is activated every time someone crosses its path.

It is battery operated and will be activated when someone is at least 3 feet from it. You can use it outdoors, but it is not waterproof so keep it sheltered from the rain.

This will make a perfect decoration for your home’s entrance. Have a laugh when trick or treaters approach it get scared when it starts to crawl and moan. It will creep the hell out of any passerby!

Halloween Pumpkin Lanterns with 10 LED lights

Pumpkin String Lights Detachable Polyester Halloween Pumpkin

These foldable lanterns are made of high-quality polyester, and a bright LED illuminates each one. You get ten brackets to hang them, and a 60” long electrical string. Each light is spaced by 6 inches, and a couple of AA batteries powers the set. Create a stunning atmosphere this Halloween in your home and grab these before they sell out!

Jack Skellington On Tombstone Airblown Inflatable

Jack Skellington On Tombstone Airblown Inflatable

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without mister Jack Skellington, from The Nightmare Before Christmas film, and here he is, ready to form part of your outdoor Halloween decorations.

This inflatable prop stands 3.5 feet tall and is lighted by LEDs for night time display.

It includes everything you need to set it up: a built-in fan, yard stakes, and tether ropes.  Just plug it in and it will self-inflate in a few seconds.