Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Camera: Connect the app to listen and speak with your dogs wherever you are

FURBO The best AUTOMATIC TREAT DISPENSERFurbo is basically a webcam for dogs, except it is way cooler because you get to toss your dogs treats even when you’re not home. Although the treat dispenser is definitely the coolest thing about the Furbo, it also has other great features. For example, it sends you bark alerts. The Furbo has a sensor that gets activated when it detects your dog barking. It will then send you a notification to your mobile phone, and you can use the camera to check if everything is ok. Using the 2-way microphone, you can talk to your dogs to calm them down. The app is available for Android and IOS devices

The Furbo dog camera has a beautiful design; with a wooden lid and white color body, it doesn’t look like any other home security system, and you won’t be embarrassed to put it in any place in your home or apartment. It is recommended to put it in a high spot so the dogs can’t get to it, and since it has a wide-angle lens, you will still get a full view of the room no matter where it is. The HD camera has night vision and gives a nice, bright picture even in low-light conditions. You can also take photos and record video with it.

Two people can be connected at the same time, so you and your loved one can be watching your puppy play. While your Furbo is connected to WIFI, you could be in another country and still be able to watch what he is up to.

Furbo Treat Tossing Features:

  • Live HD video streaming
  • Interactive street tossing
  • 2-way audio
  • Barking alert
  • Photos & videos
  • Smart Privacy

The Furbo Setup is done in three easy steps; no complicated instructions needed:

  1. Plug in Furbo to a power outlet, using its USB cord
  2. Download the free Furbo app, available on iOS and Android
  3. Connect Furbo to your home WIFI

Once you connect the power cable and the LED at the bottom turns green, go to the app store and install the Furbo application on your smartphone. You’ll have the option to set up a new Furbo. Create an account using the app and place your Furbo close to your WIFi router. When your phone detects the Furbo, it will sync, and you’re ready to go. Open the top lid of your Furbo and fill it up with treats. Included with your purchase is a bag of treats, so you can get started right away!

Furbo’s LED will easily let you know what is going on behind the scenes

  • White light: When Furbo is plugged into the power for the first time
  • Green light: When you can first set up your Furbo
  • Purple light: When Furbo is not connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Yellow light: When Furbo is connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • Blue light: When Furbo is being used (logged on to the app)

Although Furbo is obviously supposed to be used when you’re at work or away from the house and your pets are home alone, it’s quite fun to just sit near it while it shoots treats at your dogs!

Furbo Treats

Furbo does not make treats for their gadget, so we recommend you use Zuke’s Mini Naturals. They have the perfect size to fit in your Furbo device and are a soft and chewy treat that your dog will love.

Each treat has less than 3 calories and contains no soy, wheat, or corn. They are also free of artificial flavors and colors. There are many flavors to choose from: chicken, duck, peanut butter, pork, rabbit, and salmon. No matter how picky your pet is, one of these options will surely be great for him.