Flex Seal Reviews – Spray, Liquid, And Tape. Does it work?

flex sealFlex Seal is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof product that is available as a liquid, tape, or spray. It is used to cover cracks, seal leaking pipes, and generally prevent any water, air or moisture from penetrating the place you want to seal. You’ve probably seen their TV commercials and wonder if it actually works. Here is our review of this product, which you can easily buy on Amazon.



Flex Seal Tape Review

This is a strong, rubberized, waterproof tape used to patch, repair, bond, and seal. It uses a super strong adhesive and a thick rubber backing and is excellent for home repairs and DIY projects. It even works underwater.

The tape conforms to any shape or object, sealing out water, moisture, and air and creating a flexible watertight barrier. While other similar products will just peel off and fail after some tie, Flex Tape’s bond increases with time and pressure.

The tape can be applied cold or hot, dry or wet, and works underwater, patching holes, tears, cracks, and gaps. It is UV resistant and can hold on even with temperatures reaching -70ºF and up to 200ºF. It is VOC-free and environmentally friendly. It is available in clear and black variations.

How to use the Flex Tape Seal

Takes four simple steps: First, you cut to your desired dimension. Peel off the backing from the tape and stick it to the clean surface, pressing down firmly. Finally, make sure it is sealing correctly by using your fingers, roller, or a plastic squeegee to remove any air pockets.

If the surface is porous, you can use a hair blow dryer to help the adhesive bond with the surface. Although it takes just a few minutes for it to seal, some fabrics such as canvas, cotton, polyester or nylon can take up to 24 hours to reach the maximum hold.

Does the Flex Seal Tape work?

Fox4 reporters put it to the test, following the examples shown in the Flex Tape commercial. They tried picking up a 45lb plate, patching a leaking pipe, sealing an underwater crack, and plugging a big hole in a bucket. You will be glad to know that it does indeed work as it says and it fixed every single problem with no issues.

Flex Seal Spray Review

Flex Seal is available in a convenient aerosol formula which you spray onto the surface. It then seeps into any cracks and holes, and once dry, turns into a flexible coating that is completely watertight that will last for years. You can find it as a clear coating or in several colors.

Flex seal won’t sag or drip, even in the Summer heat, nor will it peel or crack in the harsh Winter. Not only does it seal, but also stops vibrations and deadens noise, protecting the surface from corrosion and rust.

As other Flex Seal products, it can be applied to wet or dry surfaces.

How to use the Flex Spray Seal

Use it on surfaces that are clean and free of oil, dirt, or grease. Shake the can well and spray 8″ to 12″ away from the surface with a sweeping motion. Instead of using one thick coat, apply multiple, even coats until all the cracks and holes are covered.

You should let it dry for at least 24 hours before applying another coat. The formula will fully cure after 24 – 48 hours. If you can see the light passing through the surface, you should use another layer. One large can will cover approximately 8 sq. ft, and a jumbo can cover up to 12 sq. ft.

Does the Flex Seal Spray work?

Channel 8 WMTW news crew put it to the test. They used the help of a professional builder and used it to repair a broken roof shingle. They then tried covering a leak on a bucket. Small droplets of water were still pouring out, but for these type of repairs, it would be better to use the Flex Tape.

Finally, they repaired a leaking PVC pipe. Final verdict? Flex Spray Seal works just as it should and is a recommended buy.

Flex Seal Liquid Review

For larger projects, nothing like liquid rubberized coating that comes in a can! This liquid can be poured, rolled, or brushed wherever you need a flexible and watertight seal. Although it starts as a liquid, once dried and cured it becomes a strong and flexible coating that keeps leaks away.

The Flex Seal Liquid coating is non-slip, durable, waterproof and breathable. It resists UV degradation, rain, moisture, snow, sun, air, hail, wind, and general natural weathering blocking out moisture, water air, and water. It prevents corrosion and rust, is chemical and mildew resistant, and stops leaks fast.

Once thoroughly dried and cures the Flex Seal Liquid coat is non-flammable, non-hazardous, and safe around animals and plants.

How to use the Flex Seal Liquid

As with other products, make sure the surface to be treated is clean and free of dirt, grease, and oil. If the surface is smooth, it is recommended to roughen it up with some sandpaper to increase adhesion.

Pour, brush, or roll the Flex Seal Liquid onto the surface and let each coat to dry completely. This usually takes about 24 hours. The coating will fully cure after 48 hours. Use an even, sweeping motion, and keep applying coats until all cracks and holes are completely covered. It is not recommended to paint over the dried rubber.

Although coverage will vary depending on the number of coats you apply, as an average you can treat a surface of up to 20 sq. ft. with a large can; up to 40 sq. ft with a jumbo can; and up to 150 sq. ft. with a giant gallon. When properly stored it has a shelf life of two years. The liquid is available in black, clear, gray, and white variations.

Does the Flex Seal Liquid work?

A general contractor used the liquid to repair a roof which covered all his expensive tools and equipment. The liquid was rolled onto the surface until all the cracks had been covered.

Once the liquid had cured, several weeks passed with no more leaks. So, once again you can see that Flex Seal Liquid indeed works just as it says it will.