Catit Flower Fountain: A fountain bowl your pet will love

Cats need fresh water to stay hydrated. This helps reduce urinary tract infections and ensures proper kidney function. The Catit cat water fountain has three appealing water flow settings to satisfy picky drinkers, with a fresh new look and a brand new flower accessory. Your cat may prefer a large water-to-air surface or long streams of water with a bubbling top. And if that’s too exciting, just add the flower bud: quick and easy!

This cat water fountain takes up little floor space, and its opaque design keeps water fresh for longer. It’s raised ergonomic drinking surface is at a comfortable height for adult cats and even kittens.

The 3L water reservoir holds a dual-action water softening filter. This filter removes excess calcium and magnesium from hard tap water, while retaining stray hairs, sediment and debris for optimal purification and pump performance.

A Pet Drinking fountain that’s easy to use

As said above, you can use your Catit flower fountain in several ways:

  • Take the flower off. There will be a small bubble of water where the cats can drink off.
  • Leave the flower on without the top yellow part
  • Leave the complete flower so the water can come up and trickle down.

Just try and see which one your cat feels more comfortable with. This cat fountain is not very noisy; you can barely notice it when it is on, and it kind of blends in with the noises of the house. The power cord is about 6 feet long, and you must keep your fountain plugged in all the time to maintain the water circulating.

Cleaning is as easy as can be; it takes less than a minute to take it apart. Just pop it open and give it a rub down.

The unit is sturdy and has good weight, it is not easy for a cat to tip it over, especially if there’s water in it.

The Catit Flower Fountain: simple, compact and 3-in-1 drinking solution.

Catit Flower Fountain: 3L Drinking Fountain with Triple-Action Filter (Misc.)

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