Cat Ear Headphones, Ariana Grande style: These Kitty Ear Headphones are Adorable!

cat ear headphonesAriana Grande not only has one of the best singing voices today but has also been a fashion model for people around the world.

A couple of years ago she couldn’t be seen without wearing cat ears wherever she went. She wore them while performing at Saturday Night Live, and also at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. If you followed her on Instagram, you could see her wearing them even for a chill day at home.

This quickly became a fashion trend, so girls and boys, men and women, quickly followed and started using them all the time.

Then one day an Indiegogo campaign went up to gather funds for launching a line of wireless cat headphones known as Axent Wear, and not only did it reach its funding goal but surpassed it by more than 1,100%.

They teamed up with Brookstone, and the cat headphones soon became a huge success. Ariana Grande also launched her own line of headphones, and you can see people happily wearing them at any of her concerts.

Today we have many different cat ear headphone models to choose from, so we have gathered the best of the best in this review. Check out their features and pick the ones you like the most. They will make a wonderful gift for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion.

The Best Cat Ear Headphones

Brookstone Limited Edition Ariana Grande Wireless Cat Ear Headphones 

This limited edition set of wireless headphones is perfect for listening to music with style and with crystal clear sound. If you want to share your music and let everyone enjoy it, there are a pair of external speakers built in.

Ariana Grande officially endorses these Brookstone headphones, so on the earcup you will find a debossed Ariana Grande signature, and by pairing your phone with the Bluetooth signal you can use the built-in microphone for taking phone calls on your iOS or Android device.

The headphones are super comfortable thanks to the over-the-ear cushioning that provides a secure fit and also serves for noise reduction. There’s no need for batteries since these cat ear headphones include a rechargeable one. Just plug it into any USB outlet and once charged you can enjoy up to five hours of music playing time. They have colored lights which you can also change to match your mood, or to go with what you’re wearing. Pick between light blue, green, orange, ice, lavender, pink, hot pink, and purple bright lights. If you’re not in the mood for that, you can also turn the lights off. The overall appearance of these cat ear headphones is amazing and they are highly recommended by thousands of happy buyers.

Brookstone Wireless Cat Ear Headphones Bluetooth Headset

These premium Brookstone cat ear headphones let you experience the music without any cables getting in the way. You can use them in three ways: listen to the music privately, share it with the built-in speakers that are on the cat ears, or use the headphones and speakers both at the same time. They have great lower base sound, so if you like electronic music, these are a great set of headphones for you.

They can be used with any Android or iOS device with Bluetooth connectivity, and use a rechargeable battery. To charge it up you just connect the headphones to a USB port and can then enjoy five or six hours of music playing time. If you receive a phone call while listening to your music you can answer it with the built-in microphone.

The over the ear cushioning provided comfort and reduces external background noise while providing a secure fit. The headphones and ears have lights that you can control, with color options that include blue, green, purple, orange, white, red, yellow and pink. They can be set to switch colors every five seconds or stay lit on one single color. If you are using them on a bright day, or simply want to save your battery, with a push of a button they will turn off. These cat ear headphones are CUTE AS HECK and you will get compliments all the time while wearing them.

Brookstone Wired Cat Ear Headphones

Brookstone Wired Cat Ear HeadphonesIf you want to get the Quality of Brookstone cat ear headphones but don’t want to spend as much as with the wireless version, these wired headphones will be the perfect option. As with the wireless version, you can enjoy your music privately or share it with the built-in speakers it has on the cat ears. These headphones do not include the Bluetooth feature the wireless ones have.

The lights on the headphone and speakers can be set to stay lit or to cycle between blue, orange, green, and purple colors. They have the usual Brookstone cushioning on the earcups to provide comfort, secure fitting, and keep the background noises at bay, letting you enjoy the vibrant and rich sound of the high-quality speakers.

The headphones include a rechargeable battery that provides up to five hours of music playing time, and can be recharged in any USB port. They are very popular with gamers since they come with a detachable boom mic you can plug in to convert them into a cool looking headset.  They’re cute, comfortable, and have good quality sound and mic output.

Cat Ear Headphones, barsone Kids Headphones

barsone Kids HeadphonesThese are one of the most affordable cat ear headphones you will find, perfect for young boys and girls. Don’t want to spend over 100 bucks in some headphones you know your kids will end up breaking or losing? Then get them something cheap but that works great.

The LED ears have a blue light that flashes or can be left lit and is operated by a button battery that is included with your purchase. The volume is restricted to 85db maximum, which is a safe level for children’s eardrums. A rotatable pair of ear pads and an adjustable height design make them fit snuggly over the ears.

These headphones are made of an environmental TPE material and are very comfortable to wear thanks to the cushioning on the top of the headset and on the earpieces.  They easily fold up to make them compact and ready for travel, and the standard 3.5m headphone jack they use is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and electronic devices.  These headphones are cute, comfortable, and they sound good. Pick your favorite color, they come in black and pink.

Cat Ear Kids Headphones with LED Light Rechargable

Cat Ear Kids Headphones with LED Light RechargableIf you don’t want to keep spending money on batteries, these are the upgraded version of the Barsone headphones and include a rechargeable battery that can be charged with any USB port.

They offer the same features the normal Barsone headphones have, like limiting the volume to 85db to protect your children’s eardrums, and the universal 3.5 mm headphone jack to plug it into most electronic devices. the headphones can be folded for compact carrying, and have LEd lights on the ears and earpieces which you can turn on, make them blink, or leave turned off. These lights are available in green, blue, black, and two pink shades.

The kitty ear headphones are packaged in an adorable box with an anime’ style character on it. If your kid is into anime he will love this.

Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Cat Ear Bluetooth HeadphonesWant some wireless kitty headphones but are on a strict budget? This is a perfect option. Just in for the 2018 Christmas season, they are the perfect gift for children and adults alike. No need for batteries since they include a rechargeable lithium button battery. Charge it in a USB port and then enjoy hours of music.

Want to use them with your phone? No problem! The Bluetooth signal is clear for up to 10 meters and lets you sync your smartphone, tablet, or any electronic gadget. Answer calls and talk through the built-in microphone. The earpieces are covered in an ultra-soft, anti-allergic synthetic leather to protect your ears.

On the earpieces and on the cat ears there is a light that you can control and make it stay on or flash. It changes from green to blue, orange, red, pink, purple and yellow. Using PCB board technology and high-end headphone drivers, these headphones deliver a rich and clear sound, perfect for listening to music or watching videos.


Cat Ear Headphones, Ariana Grande style
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Cat Ear Headphones, Ariana Grande style
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