Blue Yeti X Microphone Review – The Best USB Microphone for 2020?

When it comes to video and live streaming, audio is one of the most important aspects, and one of the most famous microphones in the industry is the Blue Yeti.

Recently, Blue Microphones dropped the Blue Yeti X, a brand new USB microphone for gaming, podcasting, and live streaming that’s packed with some exciting new features that you need to see in this 2020, and at quite a cheap price for all the value it provides.

Let’s check them out.

Blue Yeti X vs Blue Yeti

The original Blue Yeti has been a staple USB microphone for a long time now because of the excellent audio quality, the simplicity of setting on the desk or using with a boom pole type of setup for capturing your audio while just doing conference calls, zoom calls, podcasting, or, of course, gaming and live streaming.

The Blue Yeti X itself is almost the same as the Blue Yeti. You’ve got four patterns on the back that you can click through with a button:

  • Cardioid Mode is going to capture audio right in front of the mic and block out sound in the rest of the room.
  • Omni Mode, which is designed to capture 360 degrees of audio. One example of how this can be used is by putting the microphone in the center of a table for a conference call, with people all around the table.
  • Bidirectional Mode captures audio from the front and rear of the mic. Maybe you’re doing an interview face to face and want to cut out audio on the two sides, but get it from the front and the rear of the two guests speaking. This mode would be perfect for that.
  • Stereo Mode is dynamic, using the right and left channels to capture a realistic sound image from any source in front of the mic.
Yeti X Pickup Patterns
Yeti X Pickup Patterns

So what are you getting for that larger investment? Well, let’s check out the new features to the Yeti X.

For starters, in the original Yeti you have three condensers, and in the new one, you’ve got four. Also, the original Yeti was 16 bit, whereas the new one is 24 bit.

So you’re going to get an improvement in audio quality there. But the best feature of the Yeti X is the gain control on the front, which has hi-resolution LED metering. This gives you a visual of what your gain is, with controllable and changeable LED coloring. You can easily check your voice level with this 11-segment LED meter and realize if it is too high or too low and adjust accordingly.

Blue Yeti X LED Metering
Blue Yeti X LED Metering

With this button, you can also quickly mute the mic. For example, if you need to sneeze, you can tap it and mute really fast, and then tap it back on to resume.

The tactile feel of having that right on the front with the LED metering is a vast improvement.

Blue Yeti X Smart Knob
Blue Yeti X Smart Knob

Both the original Yeti and the Yeti X have a headphone output so that you can be monitoring your audio in real-time. But with the new Yeti X, you get a new integration software through Logitech G-HUB. This is going to give you access to several voice effects.

This software also gives you the ability to dial in your sound quality by using a compressor and a few other settings, so that you can get truly professional results.

By accessing the “Blue Voice” tab in the software, you can access all kinds of advanced controls, where you have a high pass filter, noise reduction, expander/gate, voice EQ, de-esser, compressor, and limiter. There are plenty of free YouTube tutorials that can guide you into professional audio by using these settings.

Blue Yeti X Vocal Effects
Blue Yeti X Vocal Effects

Is it for you?

When it comes to the Yeti X, there are certainly more affordable USB microphones on the market, but with the features, as well as the styling -if that’s something of interest to you- you definitely have a proven, reputable brand that is delivering some fantastic new features for all of your broadcasting, gaming, or YouTube live streaming needs, as well as podcast recording.

If you are ready to invest in a microphone like this, we would recommend getting the boom arm and shock mount to give it a versatile and professional setup and to get the receiver as close to your voice as possible.

While it can work while setting it off to the side on the table, a microphone like this is meant to be a little bit closer to your mouth to get that vibrant podcast audio.

Overall, a pretty cool plug-and-play microphone that we think is worth checking out. Measuring 4.8” x 4.33” x 11.38”, it includes a 2m cable and is compatible with YouTube, Twitch, Skype, Zoom, and more.