Best Stand Mixers 2019 Review

If you’re thinking about purchasing a stand mixer but are unsure which is the best, we share our review of the best stand mixers available to make your selection easier.

Today we can bake cakes, cookies, and fudges without a sweat thanks to stand mixers.  Basically, a stand mixer’s job is to knead, whip, and mix ingredients quickly and effectively. However, choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult.

We have done our research and found the best kitchen mixers for you, so let’s get started.

KitchenAid KSM150PSGC Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield

If you’re familiar with different brands of baking tools and equipment, you already know that KitchenAid is one of the most trusted brands in this area.

One of the best examples of their high-quality product is the Artisan tilt head stand mixer. Boasting a ten-speed feature, this stand mixer can thoroughly whip, knead, and mix all ingredients swiftly and efficiently.

Its stainless steel bowl has a capacity of 5 quarts, which is big enough to make seven pounds of mashed potatoes, four loaves of bread, or nine dozen cookies in just a single batch.

KitchenAid KSM150PSGC Artisan

The KitchenAid stand mixer is no ordinary mixer; it has over ten different powerful attachments that allow you to transform it into the culinary center of your kitchen. Now you can make everything from fresh pasta to burgers to veggie noodles, ice creams, and more with one machine.

Thanks to its tilt-head feature you have clear access to the bowl and attachments, and you can easily add ingredients as well. Once the head is locked in place, the beater maintains a close distance to the bowl at all times, so you know that the ingredients are being evenly mixed.

The KWM150PSGC includes four different attachments such as a coated flat beater, a coated dough hook, a six-wire whip, and a pouring shield to make it the most perfect for your baking needs. It also comes in over 50 different colors: almond cream, apple cider, aqua sky, bay leaf, bird of paradise, black violet, blue willow, Bordeaux, boysenberry, buttercup, canopy green, caviar, chocolate, cobalt blue, cocoa silver, contour silver, copper pearl, cornflower blue, cranberry, cristal blue, empire red, espresso, glacier blue, gloss cinnamon, grape, green apple, grenadine, guava glaze, ice imperial black, imperial gray lavender, lavender cream, liquid graphite, majestic yellow, matte blue velvet, matte dried rose,  matte fresh linen, matte grey, metallic chrome, milkshake, misty blue, ocean drive, onyx black, pear, pearl metallic, persimmon, pistachio, silver metallic, tangerine, toffee delight, truffle dust, twilight blue, watermelon, white, white on white, and yellow pepper.

Cuisinart SM-50R Stand Mixer

If you’re looking for a stand mixer that you can use for your growing business, then check out this dynamic stand mixer. Boasting a powerful 500-watt motor and diecast metal construction features, this mix can handle even the heaviest of mixing tasks without getting bogged down.

 With the Cuisinart SM-50R stand mixer, kneading a batch of sticky bread dough is easy; plus, the machine is quiet, allowing it to knead, whip, and mix without an airplane-like sound in your kitchen.

This stand mixer has a polished stainless steel bowl with a 5 ½  quart capacity, which is wide enough to give you the plenty of room to peek in and add ingredients. It also has a large side handle that allows you to hold on to while scooping ingredients out. It’s dishwasher safe, so you can clean it easily and quickly.

Cuisinart SM-50R Stand Mixer

The Cuisinart stand mixer has a tilt-back head feature, allowing easy insertion and removal of the bowl. What’s convenient with this machine is that the tilt-back feature doesn’t let the head to fall forward accidentally. The device is also balanced, so there’s no tipping or wobbling when its head is tilted.

Another powerful feature of the Cuisinart is its 12-speed control that allows you to go from an ultra-gentle fold to a powerfully fast whip in seconds. Moreover, it has an outlet for compatible attachments such as meat grinder, pasta maker, ice cream maker, and spiralizer, making it the most powerful appliance in your kitchen.

This stand mixer is available in several colors and has a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Hamilton Beach 63390 Stand Mixer

If you love the KitchenAid stand mixer, then you’ll love the Hamilton Beach too. It has the same mixing action as the KitchenAid.

Designed for a variety of batters and mixes, and boasting a 300-watt motor, it can whip, mix, and knead even the thickest of peanut butter mixtures. It has a planetary mixing action that gives a complete bowl coverage for even mixing. You will never have to scrape the sides of the four-quart stainless steel bowl or hand mix at the end.

The Hamilton Beach 63390 comes with three different attachments: first is the flat feeder that’s perfect for cakes, cookies and fudge mixtures. Second is the dough hook, for bread, and lastly is the whisk, for whipping liquids. The dough hook and the flat beater and nonstick, so no mixture is wasted.

Hamilton Beach 63390 Stand Mixer

When this stand mixer is in action, you can expect a clean and splash-proof mixing action thanks to its splash shield feature. Attachments and shields are easy to clean using a dishwasher.

It has a 7-speed feature that gives full control of mixing. You can start with the low stir and adjust it to a fast mix. On top of the head is a mixing guide that lets you know which speed is necessary for your mixture, and you can add ingredients conveniently as it has a tilt-head feature for easy bolt access.

Sencor 4.75 Qt. 8-Speed Stand Mixer

The Sencor stand mixer has excellent workmanship. It has a powerful yet silent motor and a metal body and all-metal gears. This stand mixer has a multi-motion drive feature, meaning the attachments rotate around their axis and the circumference of the bowl at the same time. This ensures even and residue-free mixing.

Mixing a large amount of mixture will never be a problem as this stand mixer comes with a 4.7-quart polished stainless steel bowl, enough to beat eight egg whites at once or to prepare over 3 lbs. of dough. The bowl has two handles, one on each side, for effective gripping. This stainless steel bowl can be cleaned quickly and can stand on the counter on its own.

sencor 4.75 Qt. 8-Speed Stand

The Sencor stand mixer comes with an A-shaped feeder, perfect for preparing frosting; a balloon whisk for beating eggs or whipping cream, and a kneading hook for heavy leavened dough. This mixer has eight variable speeds and comes with a bunch of accessories such as a food grinder, sausage stuffer, slicer, and grater.

Sunbeam FPSBSM2103 Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer

This mixer is made with elegant and durable die-cast all-metal construction. It’s equipped with a 350-watt motor that lets you mix even the thickest batter without a sweat.

Boasting 12 variable speed settings, this mixer provides precise and easy mixing. The soft-start technology gradually starts up the mixture to the selected speed to reduce splatters; you can finish your baking works with little to cero mess.

It has a three-way mixing action that ensures an even and thorough mixing. Its beaters spin independently, as well as the bowl, to avoid dough buildup and the need to scrape.

Sunbeam FPSBSM2103 Heritage Series

The Heritage Series stand mixer is purposely designed with an off-center bowl positioning. This helps you avoid having to turn it on and off when adding ingredients to your recipe. You can add eggs, water, butter, or any ingredients without interrupting the mixing operation.

What sets this stand mixer apart from the others is its turntable base that rotates the bowl while mixing. You can easily change attachments with the help of the head tilt-back feature.

It comes with two chrome beaters two dough hooks, and a 4.6-quart stainless steel bowl. This stand mixer can do wonders for your cakes and pastries.