Best Laminating Machine – Best Laminator Reviews 2020

When you’re choosing the best laminator, you want to select a balance between speed, size, thickness capacity, and price tag. Laminating machines are widely used in homes and for office purposes of saving documents from wear and tear. It makes the material wrinkle-proof and waterproof, and are popular with teachers at schools and universities.

Most laminators use thermal technology and apply heat to seal the laminating film and documents together. Selecting a perfect lamination machine is far more challenging than any other gadget, so, if you’re looking for one, we can help you with some of the best in the business.

Apache AL9 9″ Thermal Laminator

Apache AL9 Thermal Laminator
Apache AL9 Thermal Laminator

We’re starting out our list with the Apache Al9. This laminator machine is an A4-class laminator, capable of laminating items up to 9 inches wide for quick, precise, and bubble-free results.

It features an ultra-compact, stylish design with a height of only 3.3.” It is a quality-grade laminator, designed with premium-grade heating elements, and it has a heavy-duty motor and two silicon rollers.

This laminator is ideal for protecting documents and photos from wear and tear, liquids, and humidity. It comes with a 20 pack of 5 and 5 mm pouches and a 6 month manufacturer warranty.

Turn on this laminating machine and in under three minutes it will be warm and ready to work. It laminates each sheet in under 60 seconds.

Fellowes Laminator Jupiter 2

Fellowes Laminator Jupiter 2 125
Fellowes Laminator Jupiter 2 125

Make your laminating chores more comfortable and more efficient with the 12.5” inch capacity Jupiter 2 laminator.

Users will appreciate the auto-sense system that self-adjusts to the optimal laminating setting and the six roller belt drive system. It warms up in only 30 to 60 seconds, and when not laminating, the auto-shutoff prevents overheating.

This laminator can laminate hot pouches up to 10 mil thick, but also works with cold pouches, and can laminate at a speed of 47” per minute. Its advanced pouch-tracking system detects and automatically reverses the pouch in case of misfeeds.

The auto-shutoff technology saves energy and also prevents overheating when it’s not in use. This Jupiter laminator machine uses a robust six-roller system for superior lamination quality. It can be used for hundreds of different projects, all while providing a high-quality laminate finish to your documents.

This laminating device weight 1.5 pounds and measures 21.2” by 8.2” by 5.1”.

GBC Thermal Laminator Machine, Fusion 7000L

GBC Thermal Laminator Machine Fusion 7000L
GBC Thermal Laminator Machine Fusion 7000L

The GBC Fusion 7000L laminator will exceed your expectations in quality, speed, and ease of use. This laminator warms up in just one minute for quick and easy application, and it laminates up to 28 documents in 10 minutes, with 31” per minute laminating speeds.

The 12” laminating width allows a higher rate and variety of projects and is compatible with any 3, 5, 7, and 10 mil pouches. Its advanced auto pouch thickness detection identifies the mil thickness of your pouch and documents automatically and adjusts to the optimal settings to create a perfect seal.

Its Auto-Jam detection and motorized reverse quickly clear errors, making it very user-friendly. It also includes an auto-shutoff and cold lamination setting. The cold lamination setting makes this a versatile lamination machine as it works with adhesive pouches that are pressure-sensitive, including the GBC SelfSeal pouches, which you can also find at Amazon.

The GBC laminating machine comes with 30 letter size EZUse Premium Pouches and is backed by a 3-year warranty.

5 in 1 Blusmart Laminator Set


5 in 1 Blusmart Laminator Set
5 in 1 Blusmart Laminator Set

The Blusmart laminator is equipped with a remarkable laminating speed of 250 millimeters per minute, and it can laminate up to 50 sheets per hour. It features an innovative operating system that delivers excellent, high-efficient working performance, with minimized noise.

This handy ergonomic tool allows you to easily and quickly crack personalized hole-punched index cards, recipe flipbooks, filler papers, and more. Its sharp and safe paper trimmer gives straight cuttings, and the precise gridlines enable accurate cutting results.

This laminator machine features a 230-millimeter throat entry and works with 160 mic to 250 mic pouches so that you can use it for any letter, legal, business card, and photo requirements.

The rapid 3-5 min heat-up time will get you started quickly, with a working temperature of 120℉ – 130℉. This laminator works with both cold or hot modes, perfect for different styles of laminating pouches.

If there are any paper jam issues, they can be solved easily by pressing the ABS button, which works as a jam release button that lets you remove stuck papers or pouches with ease. It is one of the best laminator for teachers and used in schools around the country.

The Blusmart laminator weighs 1.98 pounds and measures 15.3” by 3.9” by 5.5”. It is backed by a  12-month hassle-free warranty and comes with one corner rounder, a paper trimmer, 20 laminating pouches and A4, A5 and A6 sizes, and ten photo frames.

Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator

Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator
Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator

The Scotch Pro TL906 has a premium design that includes easy to use led touch controls and a button that turns green when the machine is ready.  It also incorporates hidden built-in cord storage and a retractable pouch feed tray that makes it easier to align the pouch correctly.

This laminator machine requires five to six minutes of warmup time and a light signals when the device is prepared.  It will auto shut off after one hour of inactivity which helps conserve energy, and its Never Jammed technology automatically prevents the hassle of misfed items and protects them from damage.

The stylish design includes sleek, easy-to-use controls,  a carrying handle, cord storage, and a built-in loading tray.

The laminator accommodates three millimeters and five millimeter thick thermal pouches that are up to nine inches wide, which fits both legal and letter sheets. Thanks to its two rollers it can laminate at speeds of 15” per minute.

It is a rather substantial laminator, weighing 3.2 pounds, and measures 17.4” by 6.2” by 6.1” and includes a couple of letter sizes starter pouches with your purchase.

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine
AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

The next product on our laminating machines review list is the AmazonBasics. It offers high-quality laminating and a small footprint, perfect for use in your home, office, classroom, and more. It is very user-friendly thanks to the easy to read guides and the two-roller feeding system that makes laminating fast and easy.

It has a “ready” indicator light that lets you know when it’s warmed up and ready to go to work. With a quick 4 minute warmup time and two heat settings, you can start laminating all of your documents and projects fast.

With the on/off switch, you can also select the setting that works the best for the type of pouch you are using. Use the three mil setting for photos, card stock, and regular documents, and the five mil setting for thinner papers.

The AmazonBasics laminator can laminate documents up to 9 inches wide and is compatible with letter-size, legal-size, business card size, and photo size papers. In case of a jam, it also features a jam-release lever to help you keep going.

This laminator weight 2.25 pounds and measures 13.4” by 4.8” bt 2.4 inches and includes a couple of 3 mil laminating pouches.