Best Home Security System Reviews: You Really Need This to Protect your Home

Home security is a topic that’s always popular on the net. You can find all sort of hi-tech home security systems to help you and your loved ones stay safe.

The home security systems we’re going to review on this list will let you keep track of your home even when you’re not there, and notify you as soon as something goes wrong. Most of them are smart versions of ordinary items, like a doorbell or a lock.

So let’s start with the best home security system reviews:

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

The arlo smart home security system is popular among people that don’t want to mess around with wires. The system is entirely wire-free, and this allows you to place your Arlo Pro cameras in any location you want, covering every angle.

They are weatherproof, so they can go either inside or outside your home. A built-in microphone give you 2-way audio, so you can listen and talk back.

Your arlo home security system comes with what they call cloud recordings. This is a free, recurring service where the recordings from your arlo home security camera will be uploaded to the cloud each week. If you’d like to keep a backup, all you need is a USB storage device.

Your arlo smart home security camera system included rechargeable batteries and is motion and sound activated. A 100+ decibel siren will alert you if something is wrong.

The arlo home security camera can be used in the night since they use night vision, and images are sharp and detailed thanks to its HD video.

If you’ve got a smart home, this arlo smart home security system will be perfect for you since it is compatible with IFTTT, SmartThings, and many others.

The free Arlo home security app will let you check in wherever you are using your smartphone, tablet, a Smart TV or a computer, and is available for Android and iOS devices. You can view and record any time of the day.

The system comes with three arlo home security cameras, and you can add as many as you want by purchasing add-on camera kits.

Canary All-In-One Home Security System

The canary home security system consists of an all-in-one security solution. This gadget has a siren, an air monitor, and an HD camera. It can stream real-time video, and a 147-degree wide lens will capture a wide range of your home. You can use it at night since it has night vision.

The canary home security device has an air quality monitor which checks the air temperature and humidity, so you can understand how your home might be affecting your health.

A camera is included with your canary all-in-one home security system. You can use it indoors or outside; it’s completely weatherproof. Its rechargeable battery lets you use it wire-free, although there is also the option to plug it in for endless power.

The 360-degree swivel base lets you move the camera until you find the perfect angle you need.

The canary home security system is used a lot by people who rent. Other conventional systems are almost impossible to take with you when you move, but with the canary home security device you just pack it in a box, and you’re ready to go.

Blink Home Security Camera System

Nest on the review list is the blink home security system. Its cameras are wire-free and powered by AA batteries, which are included. One set of batteries will power your cameras for over a year.

HD video is used to record. If the built-in motion detector is triggered, you’ll be sent a 5-second recording so you can verify if something is wrong.

The Live View feature lets you check in anytime, wherever you are. There is an app for either Android or iOs devices.

It works fine in low illumination, but it does not have night vision. It’s more of an indoor system, not really weatherproof.

Adding extra cameras is pretty simple, you just need to add sync them with your main module and place them wherever you need to.

Fortress Security System

Fortress Security Store offers a great home security system. DIY installation is quick since the whole system is wireless, no wiring or drilling is required. All the sensors are ready to use as soon as you take them out the box, and if you need more Fortress Security Store sensors, you can buy as many as you need and add the to your security system. 

Each fortress security system comes with a SIM card. Once you activate it, your alarm turns into a cellular phone, capable of calling you for events you select, like if the alarm is triggered, or if the power goes out.

The main panel can be placed wherever you wish. It can be visible or hidden as needed. With this panel you control your fortress security system, arming and disarming your alarm and configuring your system’s settings.

Window sensors are triggered as soon as the sensor and its magnet are separated. You can use them on windows or doors.

Infrared sensors will detect even the smallest movements. They can detect motion up to 25 feet away.

The fortress security system comes with a free smartphone app that lets you control your system remotely.

Scout Home Security System

Your scout security system can be installed in minutes. No need to hire a professional to drill or wire it since it is completely wireless. If you’re an Alexa owner, you can control your scout security system through Amazon Echo.

Anytime the scout security system is triggered you’ll be notified. After viewing details of the event, you can decide if any authorities need to be alerted or not.

The door pad sensor can be activated and deactivated using a keyfob or one of the included RFID stickers. Window sensors can be used to protect either windows or doors.

The kit includes a yard sign and a window decal to warn everybody that your home is protected by a home security system.