Best Fortnite Nerf Guns – Get Your Nerf Fortnite Shotgun

When Epic Games teamed up with Hasbro, players knew they were in for something unique. And indeed they delivered some of the outstanding replicas of the Fortnite weapons, bringing that impressive line of virtual items into colorful Nerf toys.

If you’re a Nerf enthusiast or looking for a cool gift for a little one, these are some of the best Nerf Fortnite guns that you should check out to help you decide which one. Join us as we review each of them.

Nerf Fortnite SPL Elite Dart Blaster.

Nerf Fortnite SP-L Elite Dart Blaster

Its powerful blaster is a replica of the weapon in the popular video game Fortnite. The color, look, and construction is copied in full detail. Play just like a pro with this 2.6” by 12.5” 9” inch dart firing blaster.

It features an internal clip, which lets you load three darts per single load, giving you ample time to search for your opponents and aim for the win. The detachable barrel allows you to customize the way you play. For long distance targeting, attach the barrel. If you want a more compact look and to stay mobile and move quickly, remove the barrel.

Each blaster comes with six official Nerf darts. The foam darts have flexible hollow tips and are designed for distance blasting. They are tested and approved based on the strict standards of the industry to ensure quality and performance.

This hand-powered blaster weighs just over one and a half pounds, and it does not need batteries to become operational. To prevent possible injury to yourself or other opponents, never aim at the face or eyes. It’s also important to use official Nerf darts to guarantee your safety. Modifying this blaster or the darts can compromise its quality and performance, so refrain from doing it.

Nerf Fortnite TS-1 Dart Blaster

Nerf Fortnite TS

This multicolored mega blaster brings more excitement and fun into the real battle because of its four dart blasting capacity. It lets you fire four darts in a single shot to beat other players. Put the power in your hand by opting to invest in this excellent blaster, which helps you take over the battleground with ease.

It’s a hand-powered gun that requires no batteries and comes with a reliable internal clip and storage for four extra darts, giving you immediate backup for quick reloading. All eight darts are official Nerf Elite products and they’re specifically designed for distance, made of foam with easy to flex hollow tips. Each dart has gone through quality performance testing, giving you a full guarantee of optimum performance and safety.

This item is molded after the Fortnite Battle Royale tactical shotgun. It has a more significant body, built to resemble the real thing, and brings the feeling of firing short-range slugs, which elevates the experience of playing in the battleground.

The assembled product weighs just over one and a half pounds, which allows you to easily and quickly act out tactical maneuvers on the playing field. It’s also easy to assemble; you don’t need any tools. For safety reasons, don’t attempt to modify the darts or the blaster.

Nerf N-strike Elite AccuStrike Stratohawk

Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Stratohawk

This model holds the record of being the first ever electronic AccuStrike blaster, offering greater, better accuracy. It can fire darts up to 90 feet in distance and is a robust looking game weapon with a sturdy dart pusher design to ensure reliability during high-speed performance.

An ample battery space and flywheel system allow the replacement of parts. It’s equipped with a 25 round drum for its 25 AccuStrike Nerf elite darts. Perfect for sustained, continuous firing. These darts are considered the most precise among the Nerf elite darts.

The fully automatic four-pound blaster brings impressive firepower to the battleground. Unleash the darts from the dart drum by holding down the acceleration button to start the motor, then pull the trigger for rapid, motorized firing.

Customizing the blaster is made easy with its removable long range barrel and modulus distance scope. It has an extendable stock that sits conveniently at the back.

Join in on all the action with this 4” by 32” by 14” blaster and enjoy its on-the-go automatic dart loading with the help of the speed load technology. It allows you to simultaneously load and fire darts, sustaining your attack for offensive tactics. In full auto mode, it offers an average of 66 frames per second and up to 90 feet in distance when firing your shots.

Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster

Nerf Fortnite AR-L

It has the colors, aesthetic look, and construction of the weapon in the action-packed online video game.

Join players and real-life battles using this powerful blaster and impress them with its capability to shoot distant targets accurately. It’s equipped with a heavy-duty motor, which is triggered by an acceleration button. For safe, precise shots, make sure that the door is completely closed and that the clip is fully inserted, align your shot, flip up the two sights placed on the top of a blaster, pull then hold the secondary rev trigger for several seconds before firing. It fires one dart at a time so aim well to defeat the opposing team.

When you purchase this product you’ll get a blaster, a ten-dart clip, and 20 official Nerf darts. The reliable clip lets you load ten darts, with the remaining ten as backups. All the darts are tested and approved, passing through the standard quality and performance evaluation in the industry. They’re constructed of foam with flexible tips that don’t cause any harm to skin or contact and are designed for distance.

The Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster does need for one-and-a-half volt AA alkaline batteries to function. It’s not suitable for children under three years old since it has small parts that can be a choking hazard, so keep it away from smaller, curious children during the game.

Nerf Accustrike Elite Alphahawk

AccuStrike Elite AlphaHawk

This Nerf gun is part of the latest series of the Nerf blaster collection for real-life gamers who want to arm themselves with an impressive weapon. The blaster has the exact design, color scheme, and effectiveness of the weapon in the video game Fortnite. It boasts a capability to fire darts with pinpoint precision, which is an excellent advantage if you want to win your battleground game.

Prime the blaster by pushing the cylinder back and then pulling back on the cocking bolt. To release the dart, pull the trigger and watch it go straight to your target. It features a spring powered rotating drum with a five-dart capacity that sustains the adrenaline as you charge and pursue your opponents.

This Nerf Fortnite gun is lightweight and easy to handle, with a decent sized grip and ergonomic foregrip. The thumbhole stock is a perfect size and eliminates risk during the blasting swing.

This colorful sniper-like rifle is ideal for anyone eight years of age or older. Each package contains a blaster, 10 Elite Accustrike series darts, a two-piece bolt, and an instruction manual. It comes out of the box nearly set up. The only thing you need to do is snap the plastic cocking bolt into the side, and you’re ready to go.

This 2.6” by 9” by 12” blaster is a must have which delivers the utmost performance that you and your kids will love to have around.