15 Hilarious Dog Costumes For Halloween – For Small & Large Dogs Alike

Halloween is just around the corner and our pets want to go for a walk in disguise. If you don’t know how you will dress your doggy this year and need some great dog costume ideas, here are 10 of the best Halloween dog costumes available at Amazon.

Your pooch will look super cute in these adorable and funny costumes. They are very comfortable and keep your dog warm and cozy in the night. Most of them can be machine washed and your dog can happily poop and pee when they are wearing them.

Although most of the costumes would be better suited for small breeds, like a Dachshund -weiner dog- Yorkie, Chihuahua or Shanuzer, there are plenty of options available in larger sizes.

Get ready to go trick or treating with your pup this 2019!

Dog Spider Costume

Dog spider costume
Dog spider costume

This spider dog costume has two pieces: a head covered in fake fur with large googly eyes and the body, which has eight black and orange legs that wobble as the dog walks, transformig him into an adorable tarantula. One buyer said that the legs look like they flop down, so she solved that by getting a foam insulation can from Home Depot to give them more volume.

This funny spiderdog Halloween costume is available in sizes from X-small to Large.

Taco Dog Costume

dog taco costume
Dog taco costume

This dog taco costume is served with all the goodies you find in a taco: lettuce, cheese, meat, and tomatoes. It is a comfortable pullover suit that also includes a cute Mexican sombrero.

The suit has velcro tabs to fasten securely to your dog and its designed so that the “taco fixings” stay on top of the dog throughout a Halloween or party. The sombrero has a couple of holes for the ears to be able to stick out

Available in sizes s, m, l, and XL.

Dog Cowboy Costume

cowboy riding dog costume
Cowboy riding dog costume

Made of soft and breathable polyester and non-woven fabric, this cute saddle will turn your dog into an adorable little horse.

The costume uses a hook and loop feature for fastening it on your dog’s body. Most dogs think it is a harness when it is on, so it causes no discomfort. Add a red bandana to cover the straps and you’ll have a perfect look, ready to win any costume competition.

Yoda Dog Costume

yoda dog costume
Yoda dog costume

Embrace your furry friend’s inner wisdom and make him the center of attention with this funny Star Wars Walking Yoda Dog Costume. Made of polyester, this Yoda dog costume includes a jumpsuit with attached arms and a green headpiece for the ears. It is an officially licensed Star Wars pet costume.

By the end of the night, your doggy will be walking around giving such great words of wisdom that you’ll have to keep giving him treats as rewards!

Some buyers have posted that the ears are a bit flimsy and easily fall off. A solution would be to get a different set of Yoda ears; we’ll leave the link below.

Ewok Dog Costume

ewok dog costume
Ewok dog costume

Star Wars fan? Get ready to turn your neighborhood streets into the forest moon of Endor when you get your pet into this Ewok Dog Costume. This costume includes a pullover suit with a hooded headpiece that has two Ewok ears protruding from the costume. A drawstring makes sure it fits snuggly on your dog, and this is an officially licensed Star Wars and Lucasfilm costume.

The body costume is soft – attaches around the body with velcro, and the legs fit in the sleeves. Available in sizes from small to X-large

UPS Dog Costume

ups dog costume
UPS dog costume

Does your dog bark at the UPS driver? Well, maybe its because he’s always wanted to be one! Now his dream can come true and with no resume needed.

This comical UPS Driver Dog Costume features a shirt with sleeves that contain openings so you can easily pull it through the dog’s front legs. The shirt fastens around the neck with a handy velcro strap and the hat fastens with an elastic chin strap.

This walking UPS dog costume will make it seem as if your pup is standing upright running his delivery route. Hey everybody, the delivery guy is here!

Available in sizes from X-small to large.

Dog Shark Costume

dog shark costume
Dog shark costume

Who wouldn’t want a cute Baby Shark pup swimming all over the home while mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa sing the Jaws theme?

Made with velvet on the outside and microfiber in the inside, this shark costume will keep your dog warm and cozy even on the coldest night. It is well stitched to prevent fraying and once you are done you can toss it into the washing machine to have it cleaned.

The hood/shark’s mouth stays over the do’s head but not in its face and the fins stick out the way you would want them to, making your doggy look just like a scary shark. This costume is the perfect outfit for any kind of SHARKabration!

Wonder Woman dog costume

wonder woman dog costume
Wonder Woman dog costume

This high-quality Wonder Woman dog costume is sure to make your best friend look just like a superhero! Featuring a headpiece with a red star and a red dress with Wonder Woman symbol and blue skirt with a golden belt and white stars, your dog will be ready to protect good and fight evil -like those pesky squirrels that are always in the yard.

This is an officially licensed DC Comics Wonder Woman pet costume and you can get it in sizes from small all the way up to 3X. Order today and ensure that your pooch is prepared to take on crime!

Dog Dragon Costume

dog dragon costume
Dog dragon costume

Bring out your fantastic beast this Halloween! Turn your furry critter into a fantasy dragon easily with the button fasteners on the belly.

It’s a one-piece costume, so it fits securely and comfily. Made with soft velvet, it can be hand and machine washed.

Plus, it comes complete with wings and spikes so you can terrorize —in a cute way, of course— the villagers, er, neighbors. Easy to put on and comfortable to your little baby, with this enchanted dog dragon costume you can be the hero of your own furry tale. One of our favorite picks for the season!

Available in sizes from S to XL

Dog Dinosaur Costume

dog dinosaur costume
dog dinosaur costume

Your doggy will look dangerously cute in this Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume! The dark red, scale printed two-piece outfit includes a headpiece made of foam, while the rest of the costume is also padded with foam and includes arms and a tail.

A set of hook and loop closure straps make the Raptor Dinosaur Dog Costume both safe and easy to put on and take off. It will comfortably fit on almost any dog and is available in sizes from X-small to large.

Dog Pinata Costume

dog pinata costume
Dog pinata costume

This colorful pinata costume will let everybody know that it is time to party. It is a two-piece outfit, with the body’s jumpsuit featuring colorful cascading layers and the headpiece has ribbon streamers.

This costume can not only be used for Halloween, but it will also make your dog will be the center of attention at your next Cinco de Mayo Mexican fiesta! Available in sizes S to XL.

Dog Pumpkin Costume

Dog pumpkin costume
Dog pumpkin costume

Sweeter than pie, this Pumpkin Dog Costume will enhance your pup’s sweetness and make everybody laugh their butts off.

Made of soft cotton, this jumpsuit comfortably covers your dog and features four leg openings and adjustable velcro on the tummy to make it more comfortable.

Your pup is already the brightest pick of the patch, why not show it off! Available in sizes from S to L

Dog Pirate Costume

dog pirate costume
Dog pirate costume

Argggh! Get ready to show off your doggy’s inner captain with this Walking Pirate Dog Costume!

This cute costume is made of soft cotton and is machine-washable. Velcro straps make it easy to put on and take off, while the arm holding a hook sways with each step. You won’t be able to stop laughing. Your pup will look like he’s standing upright during his walks around the neighborhood on Halloween night!

The pirate headpiece has the typical pirate skull and crossbones on it and can be easily secured and adjusted using its elastic strap. If you are the proud owner of a one-eyed dog, you won’t find a better suiting costume than this one. Shiver me timbers, this outfit is adorable!

Dog Superman Costume

superman dog costume
Superman dog costume

Superdog doesn’t just like defeating the bad guys… he likes to come home to a loving family too!

This 3-piece set includes Superman’s signature look on a comfortable chest piece, a yellow belt, and the unforgettable red cape with the famous S on it. The cape has extra ties to secure it under the waist so it doesn’t slide around and potentially trip the dog/puppy.

Foster your furry friend’s vigilante tendencies with our Superman Dog Costume. Your SuperDOG will be ready to fight some crime in no time! Catching the evil villains of the night never looked so good.

Available in sizes from S to XL.

Dog Lion Costume

dog lion costume
Dog lion costume

 If you’ve ever wanted a lion as a pet, well you’ve got it! Best suited for medium and large dogs, transform your pup into a lion in an instant with this adorable costume.

Made of faux fur and polyester, it includes a lion mane wig with ears and a tailpiece. The mane has an adjustable drawstring to make it perfectly fit your dog. Poof the lion mane hair up with a brush and some hairspray, and voila! Ready for some Halloween adventures.