10 Best Secret Santa Gifts Ideas: These presents will be a perfect gag gift for your coworkers

10 funny gag giftsSecret Santa (or Kris Kringle, as our fellow Canadian friends call it) is one of the most popular holiday traditions.  Played by families, friends, and coworkers across the world, there are many variations to it. The traditional way is to place the names of every player in a box, hat, or bowl, and mix them up. Every person takes out a name but doesn’t tell anyone who it was (that’s why it’s called Secret Santa.) That person will now have to give that other one a gift.

Usually, all the gifts are placed in one location, and when the gift-giving time arrives, each recipient must try and guess who their Secret Santa was. One variation of this game that is becoming more and more popular is having gag and prank gifts, which makes the gift-opening much more enjoyable and fuller of laughs.

If you’re a member of one of these gag gift exchanges look no further, we have ten hilarious presents that will make everyone burst into laughter. It doesn’t matter if you have to give a present to a man or a woman, we have options for both, and many are unisex so can they be gifted to anyone.


Donald Trump Life Size Cardboard Standup

donald trump cardboard standup
donald trump cardboard standup

There’s always someone around who loves Trump, so why not make that person happy and give them their own version of Mr. President? With a weight of 2 lbs. and standing at 74” high, this gift might be difficult to hide, but it is worth it. Yeah, it’s uuuge!

On the back, there is an easel that folds out to keep the figure standing. Proudly made in the USA and using top-quality prints, it looks just like the real Trump. And hey, if you’re out traveling you can always use it like Kevin did in the Home Alone movie and put it behind your curtains to make everyone believe there’s someone in the room.

Emergency Underpants

emergency underpants gag gift
Emergency underpants gag gift

Ever had a shart and ended up with soiled underpants for the rest of the day? Forget about those stressful events and enjoy the security of having a ready-to-use pair of emergency underpants available when needed. Because you never know when Code Brown will strike.

Made from 100% polyester, one size fits most adults and is safe, sanitary, and secure. If you’re a clumsy kind of person and keep spilling coffee on yourself, keep your crotch dry with this awesome gift. Fits easily in a drawer, purse, or glove box in the car.

Bottle of Blinker Fluid

blinker fluid santa gift
Blinker fluid Santa gift

Providing maximum strength and suitable for up to 6,000 blinks, this gift is the solution for those times when the lights are running low or need a boost of brightness. A fantastic gift for car lovers and mechanics, and suitable for all kind of vehicles.

This makes a perfect gift for your daughter, sister or wife. Just hand them the bottle and ask them to go fill it up the next time you are at your local auto shop. Disclaimer: it’s just an empty bottle, so fill it up with water as soon as you receive it. Makes an even funnier gift when the recipient doesn’t get the joke and tries to figure it out.

Nicolas Cage Reversible Flip Sequin Throw Pillowcase

Nicolas Cage Reversible Flip Sequin
Nicolas Cage Reversible Flip Sequin

Who doesn’t love Nic Cage? Have him always near you with this cute pillowcase. It measures 15.7 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches, so a pillow up to 16” will fit fine. The design is made with vibrant digital printing and covered by beautiful, golden, reversible sequins that change when flipped.

The back is made of comfortable, cozy, and plush velvet, and the pillow uses an invisible zipper to keep those unsightly closures hidden. Hand washable, this Nicolas Cage pillow cover is a super fun gift, and a must buy.

Not a Nic fan? No problem, there are other cool options to choose from: Jeff Goldblum, Keanu Reeves, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are some of them.

Golf Ball Storage Sack

MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack
MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack

Know any great golfers? Or people who think they are great golfers? Then this is something you will be interested in. This uniquely shaped golf ball storage bag can hold up to six balls and has a quick-release clip to attach it to your golf bag.

Made of high-quality fabric and featuring industrial strength stitching, this makes an awesome talking point for two strangers on the green to share a laugh. It also includes two free golf balls!

Cat Butt Crochet Drink Coaster

CAT-BUTT Crochet Drink Coaster Set

The perfect gift for the crazy cat lady we all know. Add some sunshine to that particular person’s day with this set of four cat butt coasters. They are handmade and super cute, measuring about 5” by 8” and come in four different colors: orange, white, black, and grey.

If you happen to spill any liquids on them don’t worry, that’s what they are for. Simply hand wash them with warm water and lay them out flat to air dry. These coasters are as cute as a litter of speckled kitties and the perfect gift for all cat lovers.

Unisex Cheetos Tube Sox

cheetos tube socks
Cheetos tube socks

Be different and unique by wearing these colorful Flaming Hot Cheetos tube socks. Made with 80% polyester and 20% cotton, they will fit men’s size shoes 7-12 and women’s 8-12.5. These socks are breathable and use only the highest quality fibers and materials to provide long-lasting durability. Even after repeated wears and washes, the print will look bright and colorful.

These crew socks can be hand or machine washed and air-dried. Comfortable, lightweight, and sweat-wicking, this novelty gift is perfect for any occasion.


The TeaBagger Tea Infuser

Tea Bag Tea Infuser
Tea Bag Tea Infuser

So, you’ve found gifts for the cat lover, the golfer, and the Donald Trump admirer. Now here’s one for that special person who can’t live without their tea. You can use tea leaves, but regular tea bags can easily be inserted. It’s not just a joke; it’s a real, useful gift!

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, you can safely put it in your mug thanks to its stainless-steel chain that has a hook on its end. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Oh, and it also comes in brown and blue balls editions.

Dehydrated Water 16oz Can

dehydrated water
Dehydrated water

This gift is perfect for those camping trips. Just add water, and you’ll have up to 16 oz of di-hydrogen monoxide, 100% organic and BPA-free. Safe for kids and animals, all you need to do is empty the contents into an any-sized container, add water to taste, and drink. You do need to keep in mind that the final product is undrinkable when frozen and will evaporate if not properly covered.

One thing we liked about this item is its versatility. It can be gifted to anyone, no matter if the person has gluten-allergies, or is a strict vegan. Perfect for survival kits since it will never expire and always be ready for use. Oh, and if you’d rather use it with other liquids you certainly can. The formula works perfectly with beer, wine, and anything you can think of.

Bad Parking Cards 50 Note Pack

Bad Parking Business Cards
Bad Parking Business Cards

Sick of jerks that park like idiots? Instead of swallowing your anger, use one of these notes and give that creep some passive-aggressive karma. Slip it through the window, or leave it under the windshield wiper and deputize yourself in the fight against lousy parking.

Next time you see that BMW using two parking spots, let the driver know how awful he is. Don’t just walk away mumbling profanities, keep these notes always with you.

The notes contain phrases like “Hey! The lines aren’t just a suggestion, idiot”, or “I know parking is scary, but next time try it with your eyes open.”


10 Best Secret Santa Gifts Ideas
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