10 Adult Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas – Cute for 2019

Plug and Socket Couples Costume

plug and socket couples costume
plug and socket couples costume

Turn each other on and off in this hilarious Plug and Socket couples costume!  Without each other, plugs and sockets are just spare parts in separate bins; but if you put them together, magic happens!

This Plug and Socket Costume features a black and white socket costume tunic and a white plug costume with cord, both made of lightweight, durable fabric over Demur foam. Be a comical duo ready to spark up the party!

Soap And Loofah Couples Costume

soap and loofah couples costume
soap and loofah couples costume

Clean up at the Halloween costume contest when you and your partner arrive in the Soap and Loofah Couples Costume. Bring along a rubber ducky (not included) for some extra laughs.

This version includes ten inflatable balloons to mimic soap bubbles for a sexy, authentic look. Double-sided velcro for the balloons is included for them to stick.

Perfectly Paired Wine And Cheese Couples Costume

wine and cheese couples costume
wine and cheese couples costume

The Wine and Cheese Couples Costume is the perfect pairing at any Halloween party. Have everyone salivating and smiling as they savor you and your significant other in this couple’s food costume.

Includes two costumes in one bag, one foam wine bottle-shaped, foam tunic, and one cheese wedge-shaped foam tunic with a fake oversized knife.

Bacon & Eggs Couples Costume

bacon and eggs couples costume
bacon and eggs couples costume

Be part of a balanced Halloween breakfast with this funny couples costume.

Ham up your day in this two-piece couple’s costume featuring two pull-on polyester printed tunics: one shaped like a yummy slice of bacon and one shaped like a sunny-side-up egg.

Enjoy your night with time to spare thanks to the effortless way these outfits slip on. Just add your own pants and shirt to complete the look.

Cookies and Milk Couples Costume

cookies and milk couples costume
cookies and milk couples costume

Partner up to turn into your favorite treat with this cute Cookie & Milk Box Couples Costume.

It includes a pair of comfortable polyester tunics that feature an easy to wear and remove pullover design. One is shaped like a chocolate chip-studded cookie, and the other is a refreshing carton of milk.

One size fits most teens and adults. Everyone will crave these comical costumes at the Halloween party!

King & Queen of Hearts Couples Costume

king and queen of hearts couples costume
King and queen of hearts couples costume

This costume includes everything you need for a perfectly paired costume: a King card-shaped costume for men and a Queen card-shaped costume for women.

Cloth-covered foam and polyester tunics make for an easy-to-wear outfit, just add your own black pants and shirt to create the perfect Halloween outfit. A fun night is in the cards.

Nerds Candy Couples Costume

nerds couples costume
Nerds couples costume

A great couples costume set that allows you and your partner to become your favorite tangy candy!

One purple and one pink tunic are included. When standing together, you form a whole box of Nerds candy. It even includes a pair of fake eyeglasses to make that nerdy look complete!

The front of the costumes (the Nerd Boxes) is thin, lightweight foam. The back of the suit is stretchy polyester that matches the flavor on the front (purple back for Grape, pink back for Strawberry).

Make this Halloween extra sweet with a deliciously adorable couples costume.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Couples Costume

peanut butter and jelly couples costume
Peanut butter and jelly couples costume

Some things were meant to go together – like PB & jelly!

This two-piece couple’s costume features square bread-shaped polyester tunics with printed graphics of jelly and peanut butter spread and large armholes for smooth movement.

The costumes have a  solid “bread” colored back with a Velcro closure at the neck. Wear it and serve up a smile on Halloween in this fun couple’s costume

It’s peanut butter jelly time!

Wayne’s World Couples Costume

waynes world couples costume
Waynes world couples costume

How many times have you heard Bohemian Rhapsody and not thought of this movie? For anyone who in the ’80s laughed their butt off at this goofy couple, this costume is a must.

It includes a black wig and hat for Wayne’s look and a couple of drum sticks and a pair of glasses for Garth. Put on some COnverse sneakers, your favorite ripped jeans, and you are ready to rock all night long.

Tacky Tourists Couples Costume

tacky tourists couples costume
Tacky tourists couples costume

Halloween couples costumes don’t need to be scary. Sometimes it’s much better to get a good laugh from them, and this one will almost guarantee it.

The costume consists of a one-piece jumpsuit with a shirt top with the words ‘Which way to the Buffet?’ printed on the front and blue Bermuda style shorts with a wire hoop waist. You also get a colorful Hawaiian shirt to compliment the outfit.

Please be aware of this: you will need to purchase any other accessories, which are not included with the costume, such as hats, sunglasses, socks, shoes, etc.

Also, be aware that this is an individual costume, so you will need to buy two to make it a couple’s outfit.